Rent Our Studios

Located in the heart of the Powerhouse Arts District, Nimbus Arts Center at the Lively offers Studio rentals for our 4 Dance Studios and 150 seat Black Box Theatre.

For more information, to arrange a tour, or to book studio space, please submit Rental Request Form.

The Studios

All studios feature a sound system that can be hooked up to phones or computers, fixed ballet barres, wall mirrors, air conditioning/heating. 

All studios are located on the 2nd floor of the Nimbus Arts Center and are close to restrooms.

For information please email:

Note For Event/Performance: 

~Event / Performance Rentals will include Nimbus Arts Center Concessions, Nimbus Technical Director, Nimbus Front of the House Manager and a StageHand. 

~If Event Security is deemed necessary by Nimbus, Renter will be responsible for additional charge.

~A Cleaning refundable deposit of $200 will be collected at signing, if space is not left as found, cleaning fee will be deducted from the deposit

~If Renter would like additional items available at concessions there will be an additional charge of $250. 

~Event / Performance Add ons:

Over 8 hours: $200/hr/Nimbus Staff Person 

Over 8 hours Space will be an additional $150/hr 

Hourly Rental Add on:

~If Theater is rented and lights are used then Nimbus Staff must be present: $150/hr/person

~A Cleaning refundable deposit of $150 will be collected at signing of rentals longer than 4-hours, if space is not left as found, cleaning fee will be deducted from the deposit

~If space is not left by contracted time an additional $15 late fee will apply. 

Studio Policies



Please leave the studio in the same condition you found it (or better!). Space should be cleared of personal items and returned to its original state before you leave. If you notice damage or something out of place, please report it to the Front Desk immediately.

Sound Equipment

You can use our sound systems to connect an mp3 player, smartphone, or laptop with the ¼ inch headphone jack provided.


Please keep the volume of your music and other activities at a reasonable level and keep the studio doors closed. If your music can be heard outside of the studio, you may be asked to lower the volume.


Please do not touch nor lean against the mirrors.


To protect our dance floors, we prohibit the use of rosin, glitter, masking tape, and duct tape. Spike tape may be used but must be removed before leaving the studio. Floor protection is required for all instruments (drum kits, etc.) and equipment (tripods, etc.) that come in contact with the floor.


Shoes worn outdoors are not allowed in the studios. Dance shoes (shoes are worn indoors for dancing), including flamenco shoes, non-marking sneakers, ballet slippers, and tap shoes, may be worn. Stiletto heels are strictly prohibited.

Food and Drink

Help us keep studios clean and pest-free. Please do not bring food or drinks into our studios. Food and beverages may be consumed in our lobby and lounge. Glass bottles are prohibited.

Fire Safety

No open flame of any kind is permitted in the studio, including, but not limited to, candles and incense.

Start/ End Time

Studio activities are booked back to back. Help us stay on schedule by beginning and ending on time. 

Heating & Air Conditioning

All indoor spaces have heat and air conditioning. If necessary, you may request a temperature adjustment. Due to the size of our spaces, changes may not be felt immediately.


There is no public Wi-Fi access at the Dance Center. However, if Wi-Fi is required for your rehearsal or class, please speak with the Front Desk.


No storage at any time.