Raucous Caucus Tango (2022)

Concept: Samuel Pott, Alysia Souder, Rashad Wright
Choreography: Samuel Pott
Writing: Alysia Souder & Rashad Wright 
Composer: Pedro Giraudo
Musicians: Pedro Giraudo Tango Quartet: 
Sami Merdinian, Violin
Rodolfo Zanetti, Bandoneon
Ahmed Alom, Piano
Pedro Giraudo, Bass

Costumes: Mark Eric
Set Design: Samuel Pott

Run time: 57 minutes

Dancers: 9

*Raucous Caucus Tango is made possible in part by a generous grant from New Music USA.

Empty Place (2021)

Composer: Anne Briggs & Qasim Navqi

Run time: 5:01

Dancer: Sarah Lane


Concept: Samuel Pott

Projection Design: Laia Cabrera & Isabelle Duverger

Lighting Design: HaeJin Han

Photography: Jennifer Brown, Melida Rodas, Joe Velez

Visual Art: Isabelle Duverger, Myssi Robinson, William Stamos, Rachel Therres

Installation/Set: Theda Sandiford

Choreographers: Derick McKoy, Jr., Aanyse Pettiford-Chandler, Isabele de Albuquerque Rosso, Justin Cosme-Perez, LeighAnn Curd, Donterreo Culp

Music: Johansson Motschmann, Maya Bernier, Jared R, Nomadic Ambiance, Clocks & Clouds, Sivan Talmor, Yehezkel Raz, Spearfisher, Saul Cosme & Haeun Joo, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Hermanos Gutierrez

Running time: 39 minutes

Dancers: 9

Falling Sky (2019)

Composer: Qasim Naqvi

Video:   Isabelle Duverger and Laia Cabrera

Costumes: Mark Eric

Run time: 24 minutes

Dancers: 8

 Hollow Square (2019)

Music: Tim Eriksen

Costumes: Mark Eric

Run time: 21 minutes

Dancers: 6

The Glare From These Horizons (2018)

Piano Compositions: Kim D. Sherman 

Additional Music: Skalpel, Russell Malone 

Poems: Roland Pott 

Costumes: Rebecca Ming 

Run time: 14 minutes 

Dancers: 3 

Esther (2018)

Music: Sky-Pony and Kevin Wunderlich 

Run time: 25 minutes

Dancers: 9  

 Patch of Turf (2015)

Music: Qasim Naqvi 

Costumes: Samuel Pott

Run time: 18 minutes

Dancers: 4

 Surface Tension (2014)

Music: Johannes Brahms and Franz Liszt

Sound Design: Samuel Pott

Run time: 19 minutes

Dancers: 6

 We Acquiesce (2013)

Music: Peter James Saleh

Run time: 10 minutes

Dancers: 9

 Scarabs (2012)

Music: Samson Young
Set Designer: Nicola Lopez

Run time: 25 minutes

Dancers: 6

 Jersey City Nutcracker (2009)

Music: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Running Time: 1.5 hours

Dancers: Full Company

 Six Chansons (2009)

Music: Maurice Ravel, Claude Debussy

Run time: 17 minutes

Dancers: 6

 Puzzle Pieces (2008)

Music: Aaron Parks

Running time: 16 minutes

Dancers: 6

 Lurch Beneath the Surface (2007)

Music: Erik Friedlander, Rachels, Esmerine

Running time: 13 minutes

Dancers: 8

 Love’s Worse Than Sickness (2007)

Music: Texas Gladden, Phillip Glass

Running time: 14 minutes

Dancers: 4

 Memo (2006)

Music: Dvorak, Bloch, Prokofiev and Rochberg

Running time:

Dancers: + community cast

 Pastoral Wined-Up (2005)

Music: Yo La Tengo, The Bad Plus

Running time: 18 minutes

Dancers: 5

 Bloodlines (2002)

Music: Blue Buddha and Gavin Bryars

Run time: 14 minutes

Dancers: 7

 Letter Home (2000)

Music : Blue Buddha
Sound Design: Paul Mogg & Samuel Pott
Text: James Orville Raines

Running time : 7 minutes

Dancers : 1

 Other Choreographers

Afterburner (2020)

Choreography: Kristen Klein

Music: Byetone & Loscil, with additional sounds courtesy of n’Beats

Music compiled and arranged: Kristen Klein

Running time:

Dancers: 6

Avenoir (2020)

Choreography: Yoshito Sakuraba

Music: I’m going to make a cake by Philip Glass, She disappeared into the snow by The Reflecting Skin, Body Peak by Yuko Oz, Happiness does not wait by Ólafur Arnalds 

Costumes: Mark Eric

Running time: 13 minutes

Dancers: 4

Yūgen (2020)

Choreography: Sofia Nappi

Music Credits: Fate La Nanna Coscine di Pollo (Unknown Lullaby), Manha de Carnaval Luiz

Bonfa, Bach, Cello Suite n°1, Erik Truffaz & Murcof – Human Being, Forgiveness Armand Amar

Running time:

Dancers: 7

The After Party (2019)

Choreography: Dawn Marie Bazemore 

Music: Nina Simone and Nancy Wilson 

Costumes: Mark Eric 

Performers: 8

Run time: 12 minutes 

 Dew Point 68 (2018)

Choreography: Darshan Singh Bhuller
Music: Ry Cooder

Running time: 14 minutes

Dancers: 2

 Tie the Not (2018)

Choreography: Vernard Gilmore
Music: Steve Reich

Running time: 10 minutes

Dancers: 4

 18 Person All-Star Ball Passing Redux (2017)

 Scene / Nimbus (2015)

Choreography: Lucca Veggetti
Music: Paolo Aralla

Running time: 11 minutes

Dancers: 4

 Mapping (2014)

Choreography: Darshan Singh Bhuller
Music: Ahanu Tibetan Singing Bowls, Warren Cuccurullo, Kaki King

Running time: 23 minutes

Dancers: 9

 Backspace (2014)

Choreography: Francesca Harper
Music: Autechre

Running time: 3 minutes

Dancers: 2

 Shadow of Sound (2013)

Choreography: Huang Li

Music: Tôn-Thât An

Running time: 14 minutes

Dancers: 3

Untitled (2012)

Choreography: Korhan Basaran
Music: Fazil Say

Running Time: 25 minutes

Dancers: 7

 Danzon (2011)

Choreography: Pedro Ruiz
Music: Arturo Márquez

Running time: 10 minutes

Dancers: 6

Butterfly Dream (2010)

Choreography: Xiao-xiong Zhang
Music: Judd Greenstein

Running time: 22 minutes

Dancers: 8

Travelers (2009)

Choreography: Jean-Paul JrMusic: Kevin Volans

Running time: 12 minutes

Dancers: 5

Bunggi Dunga (2008)

Choreography: Jean-Paul Jr.

Music: M.I.A

Running time: 8 minutes

Dancers: 3

 Moth (2008)

Choreography: Randy James
Music: Judd Greenstein

Running time: 13 minutes

Dancers: 5

Circle Into Point (2008)

Choreography: Michelle de Fremery

Music: Kim Duk Soo

Running time: 6.5 minutes

Dancers: 1


Social Justice Program

Strange Fruit (1945)

Choreography: Pearl Primus
Poem: “Strange Fruit” by Abel Meeropol
Staged by: Kim Bears-Bailey

Running Time

Dancers: 1

 Lynchtown (1936)

Choreography: Charles Weidman
Music: Lehman Engel
Staged by: Margaret O’Sullivan

Running time: 7 minutes

Dancers: 14


Repertory for Young Audiences (Nimbus2)

From Brasil with Luv (2018)

Choreographer/Director: Elena Valls

Co-Director/Dramaturg: Chazz Giovanni Bruce

Sound Editor: Lamar Stephens

Running time: 16 minutes

Dancers: 6

 Empty Pot (2016)

Choreography: Madeline Cantor
Music: Ray Lindsey

Running time: 12 minutes

Dancers: 6

 Wizard’s Garden (2015)

Choreography: Madeline Cantor
Music: Greg Scott

Running time: 13 minutes

Dancers: 6

 Honor Among Thieves (2015)

Choreography: Madeline Cantor
Music: Ray Lindsey

Running time: 17.5 minutes

Dancers: 6