Current Projects

Spring (2022)

Choreography by Samuel Pott, Painting by Bryant Small, Costumes by Erica Johnson

Music: Appalachian Spring Suite by Aaron Copeland

Run Time: 25 mins

Commissioned by New Jersey Symphony

Raucous Caucus Tango (2021)

Concept & Choreography by Samuel Pott, Performance, Concept, & Writing by Rashad Wright, Concept & Writing by Alysia Souder, Music by Pedro Giraudo

Run Time: 58 mins

Supported in part by funding from New Music USA and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center

The New Tide (2023)

Choreography by Dawn Marie Bazemore, set to the music of Sam Cooke, and the iconic photography of Gordon Parks.

Run Time: 23 mins

Supported in part by funding from National Endowment for the Arts and New Jersey Performing Arts Center.