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Honest representation was also on Sam Pott’s mind when he created “Jersey City Nutcracker.” The founder and director of Nimbus Dance in Jersey City, New Jersey, says, “It was important for European immigrants to have shows like ‘Nutcracker’ that connected them back to their European traditions. But sometimes that was wedded to white supremacy.” That’s why, instead of showcasing the traditional aristocratic family of the story, this version features children from different economic backgrounds traveling to “the safer and kinder Jersey City of their dreams,” he says. 



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“Our dancers are extraordinary, elite artists. They’re also in the community working with the youths of Jersey City as teaching artists. We found a need that wasn’t being fulfilled,” Pott said. “All these threads get woven together to fill out who we are and what we do.”



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“We all were elated that we had this opportunity to work with really high caliber professional dancers,” Grieco said. The Nimbus company members were all also, he added, “really nice people.”



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“There is not doubt of Pott’s craft, the embroidery of his phrases.”



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“Through Pott’s tireless advocacy and direction, Jersey City is fast becoming a pure-dance destination.”



Dance Enthusiast | Christina Jowers

“Pott’s interpretation of Brahms and Liszt in Surface Tension (2014) conveys a language of yearning romanticism, transfixing us with elegant, rapturous partnering as images dissolve and reappear.



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“It’s an unadulterated joy that adults long for and instantly recognize because they spend their later years attempting to reclaim it. Bottom line: See this piece before you die.”



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“The concert that I attended – closing night, June 4th, 2016 – contained the most diverse audience I have ever encountered.”

“It is rare to come upon a concert piece that so elegantly encapsulates what it means to lose a loved one, and yet that is precisely what Mr. Pott has accomplished in choreographing this extraordinary treatise on death.

With more hits than misses, “Geolocate” went above and beyond in presenting a marvelous evening of dance.



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As a choreographer, Pott, a native New Yorker, is known for creating works that invite an emotional—and often personal—connection between dancers and the audience. Building this bridge between world-class concert dance and the Jersey City community was the reason Pott formed Nimbus. “I really believe that the arts bring people together in tangible ways,” he says.



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That mission, which can be summed up as a commitment to interacting with the community…”