Dance Beyond Horizons

Nimbus, in partnership with the Jersey City Housing Authority and Jersey City based youth non-profit, Kismet of Kings, has developed Dance Beyond Horizons to serve the youth of the Curries Woods and Booker T. Washington housing developments in Jersey City. Dance Beyond Horizons provides dance classes that speak to the unique world view of the participants while simultaneously  introducing students to dance-making games based on concepts borrowed from styles of dance including African, Jazz, and Ballet. These constructed dances are performed in concert for the community under Nimbus’ guidance, at our own Nimbus Arts Center at The Lively hosted events, at elderly facilities (including JCHA’s senior developments), and eventually at dance festivals throughout New Jersey and New York. 

Lewis Spears of Kismet of Kings works with students to develop a social-emotional based conflict resolution curriculum that facilitates healing past rifts and forming strong bonds among peers. The discipline that comes from team building, rehearsing, performing, and learning to communicate in a more effective manner is all part of our objective to encourage students to plan for a future that takes them beyond the border of their community. 

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