NimbusPRESENTS: Stand Up

Date: Saturday, October 23, 2021

Time: 2:00 pm E.D.T.

Celebrating artists as leaders, communicators, and voices of protest, Nimbus curates a program drawing on the critical importance of social justice issues of the current moment, and the constant thread of these issues throughout American history. People Place Disruption, a work created in collaboration with Jersey City artists, filmmakers, and projection artists as a dance film in Spring 2021, returns as a live performance this season. Lauded as “impactful” and “accomplished” the work features emerging choreographic voices within Nimbus. Also on the program: two historic works, Strange Fruit (Chor. Dr. Pearl Primus, 1943) and Lynchtown (Chor. Charles Weidman, 1936), and a new work created by Hudson County youth about the current social justice issues they feel empowered to “Stand Up” against. This program is sponsored in part by the Hudson County Historical Partnership Program.

Tickets: $22.85 Group discount: 15% off 10 or more tickets purchased together. Call 201-377-0718 for more info.

Location: Nimbus Arts Center, 329 Warren St. Jersey City, NJ