Focus on Nimbus: Dance Photography by Megan Maloy and Joe Velez

Date: Sunday, October 25, 2020

Time: 5:00 pm E.D.T.

Focus on Nimbus: Dance Photography by Megan Maloy and Joe Velez

The inaugural exhibit for the gallery at the Nimbus Arts Center features photos of past and present Nimbus dancers by Jersey City photographers and longtime Nimbus collaborators Megan Maloy and Joe Velez. Megan Maloy captures the pinnacle of a movement; light caught on fabric and flesh, showing sweeping, daring, movement within a single frame. Her crystalline images offer a sense of the meditative state that dancers enter as they unify extremities to convey a singular gesture. Against a pristine seamless backdrop, Megan offers both intimate detail and grand scale in striking contrast. Joe Velez’s photographs highlight the grit and drama of live performance. Joe plays with scale – stepping back to reveal the composition and dynamic of a group of bodies in space. Then, zooming in on the individual experience, the images convey character and story: tension and effort in faces, beads of sweat on rippling musculature, and shadowy figures betray a dramatic, theatrical world. Together, Megan Maloy and Joe Velez’s work exposes dance and photography. The physical and emotional rigor in a dancer’s body and arrested time, allowing for close inspection of the momentum and balance that shapes the ephemeral. Jersey City’s newest art exhibition space at the Nimbus Arts Center features 30 foot ceilings, approximately 4000 sq. ft of gallery space, with copious natural light from 3 story windows. The gallery at Nimbus Arts Center will be open for limited capacity in-person viewing from 5-7pm on Sunday October 18, 25 and November 1 in reservable 45 minute time-slots.

Sunday, October 18, October 25, November 1 @ 5-7pm

Please contact Hannah Weeks: for more information.