3 Ways to Build a Future Together & A Note from Samuel Pott, Artistic Director

During these times of struggle, transition, and renewal, Nimbus invites you to join us in Building a Future. 

1) Give Input to Nimbus’ new 5 year plan! Please fill out the short survey here to help us guide and design our organization as we undertake an unprecedented transition into the new Nimbus Arts Center. For 15 years Nimbus has pioneered a vision of dance and community engagement that has given rise to Nimbus Dance, our main company, Nimbus2, the School of Nimbus, outreach programs serving 4000 youth annually, performances at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, NJPAC and other renowned venues, founding the Acadia Dance Festival, and more. What is next for Nimbus?  Help us design the future of our organization!

2) VOTE! Vote National! It goes without saying that this year’s national elections – presidential and senate – are of the utmost importance. Please make sure that you exercise your right and duty to vote – and encourage others to do the same. Only through participation, does democracy sustain. Let’s ensure that our country’s leadership is accountable and working towards a sustainable, just and prosperous future for ALL Americans. Vote Local! Jersey City residents: Please Vote YES on Municipal Ballot Question #1. This ballot initiative will dedicate a marginal real estate tax towards funding the arts in Jersey City. Although Jersey City’s spirit is tied to the arts and culture of our diverse population, Jersey City arts groups have historically struggled on account of a lack of public funding. If approved, this referendum will establish an annual source of funds for Jersey City artists and arts groups – ensuring that groups like Nimbus will survive the current economic crisis and continue to provide arts programming to Jersey City and beyond. The impact on the community will be significant: increases in economic activity, tourism and dollars spent locally; improved educational outcomes for youth – especially in underserved areas; increased property values and better resident retention. Please Vote YES on #1 to Support Local! Read Here about the Arts Referendum in the Jersey Journal 

3) SUPPORT NIMBUS! Now more than ever your support is essential to Nimbus’ survival. Please choose one to two ways to support – buy a ticket to an in-person or online event, sign up your child for a dance class or take an adult class yourself, make a tax deductible donation to support the Nimbus Arts Center Capital Campaign, the Nimbus Scholarship Fund, or other important areas, or get involved by volunteering with our organization. Click Here to Learn About Supporting Nimbus  

A Note from Artistic Director Samuel Pott:

Dear Friends, 

The illuminating and renowned ballet instructor Peff Modelski, one of my inspirations and a longtime teacher at New York City’s Steps On Broadway, used to scold dancers for dancing as if they were filling a grocery list – her metaphor pointed to the habit of dancers to perform choreography and dance steps like items on a checklist, singular and disconnected from each other. Indeed, among dancers, it is often said that the foundation of dance, the glue, lies in the transitions. Audiences and laypeople may look for the eye-catching moments of highlight, but true dancers know to train their attention on the in-between moments. Transitions are the moments where we conjure energy and power for what comes next. In transition is where we create a logical pathway between a movement and what follows; where dance becomes poetic and coordinated, cohesive and coherent. As I’ve transitioned from performing onstage and evolved in my ideas and goals about movement and my physical self, this fascination with the in-between, the transition moments, has grown. During this past summer, on account of the pandemic, I had the opportunity to spend several hours each day stretching and exploring movement. During these sessions, I spent long periods of time focused entirely on the sensation of transition – slow transfers of weight from one step to the next, forwards, backwards, sideway, over crossing… swaying through the spine, ribs and skeleton… circular movements of the head, ribs and pelvis – sensing the connections of these parts to each other. The last months have been an extended transition for many of us in personal, communal and global ways – our society, our lifestyles, our world views, have been shaken and altered. We had become entrenched in a world of outward appearances: arrivals and accomplishments at life’s punctuating moments, the accumulation of tokens of wealth, of success and prestige – all delivered to us in the unending and obsessive currents of posts, texts and tweets. The pause has revealed and continue to reveal the underpinnings the obsessive frenzy of our world.Like dancers who understand that it is in mastering the transitions, the in-between moments, that movement becomes most fully expressed and fulfilled; my hope is that this period of struggle and uncertainty, a seemingly endless pause, may be an opportunity to gain insight and greater awareness of ourselves and how we move within our world.  Slowly but surely, life returns to a faster tempo.

Can we use what we have learned during this moment of transition, this slowdown, to adapt and redesign our world and our behavior?