Jonathan Colafrancesco

(Sora FR, Italy) (he/him/his) has danced in productions of Italian and international choreographers like Enzo Celli, Elisabetta Minutoli, Dario Lupinacci, Roberta Ferrara, Francesco Asselta, Vivake Khamsingsavath. He moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2017 to study with contemporary choreographers from companies such as Chunky Move and Lucy Guerin inc. Jonathan is currently a dancer for Nimbus Dance, Hussein Smko’s “Project Tag”, Spark Movement Collective and Terre Dance Collective . He graduated from Peridance in NYC. He has also danced in works by Roya Carrera, Caleb Teicher, Assaf Salhov, Igal Perry and Tsai-Hsi Hung. He is a co-founder or Kroma mvnt in NYC.